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Do I Need Probiotics?

“…Naturopathic doctors have been aware of the harms of a sick microbiome for decades, but mainstream medicine is finally catching on because thousands of publications show a correlation between most chronic diseases and microbiome dysfunction. Your health trajectory is in fact dependent on the health of the bacteria within you. This is true of neurological disease, gastrointestinal disease, psychiatric conditions, autoimmune conditions, and so on.

Do you see that this is a problem? I hope so. Here’s what I recommend you do to nurse your gut…”

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Does Exercise Impact Weight Loss?

“Some people have the “benefit” of a genetic foundation that allows for a substantial amount of compensatory adaptation for this over-calorie-conundrum throughout our childhoods and adulthoods, sometimes breaking down around the same time that our hormones begin to shift in middle-age. Effectively, these individuals are the ones deemed to have a “fast metabolism”. Other people have “thriftier genes” and are more inclined to store excess energy from an early age and are therefore likely to become overweight early on. Believe it or not, “thriftiness” is actually an evolutionary benefit…. but not in the modern western world…”

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Culinary Expedition: Eggplant Taco

I’m big on formulas - basic meal concepts that can be broken down into flexible steps so that you can easily vary the flavors without having to do a whole new dance every time. One of my favorite dishes that falls into this category is TACOS. I love tacos - you can mix and match all the fillings to suit your preferences and nutritional requirements, and if you need to keep your starches low, you can take the shell off and serve it in a delicious bowl! Last night, I made a fantastic and surprisingly exotic and rich eggplant-based taco that was a real winner.

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