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Do I Need Probiotics?

“…Naturopathic doctors have been aware of the harms of a sick microbiome for decades, but mainstream medicine is finally catching on because thousands of publications show a correlation between most chronic diseases and microbiome dysfunction. Your health trajectory is in fact dependent on the health of the bacteria within you. This is true of neurological disease, gastrointestinal disease, psychiatric conditions, autoimmune conditions, and so on.

Do you see that this is a problem? I hope so. Here’s what I recommend you do to nurse your gut…”

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Choosing the BEST Supplements

Upon independent testing, their herbal and nutritional supplements were guilty of having NONE of the main ingredient actually in the product, as well as containing a host of ingredients NOT LISTED on the label! That means that the Ginkgo supplement you bought contained ZERO Ginkgo, but may have contained a big dose of rice, garlic and fillers.

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