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Benefits of HeartMath Training

  • More control over your stress, emotional reactions and emotional discomforts

  • Reduction in feelings of anxiety, panic and fear

  • Reduction in feelings of depression

  • Improvements in irritability and anger

  • Increased mental clarity, productivity and performance

  • Improvement in blood pressure control

  • Improvement in blood sugar control

  • Improved quality of sleep

  • Improved communication in various settings (e.g. both at work and at home with your spouse)

When you engage in HeartMath training with me, your sessions will teach you various simple techniques to increase emotional self-regulation. In essence, you will learn how to “change the radio station” of your emotional system. This means you’ll have more control over your feelings and more control over the physical sensations you experience that are caused by stress.

These effective techniques increase self-regulation by training you how to increase “cardiac coherence” within your own body. When your heart rhythm is more “coherent”, the health benefits are huge: improved mood and well-being, increased energy, increased mental clarity, reduced risk for various health conditions, slowing down the aging process, to name a few.

The techniques we will cover are specifically designed to use cardiac coherence as the “entry point” into your autonomic and emotional systems. This is completely different from therapy/counseling, and also different from techniques like mindfulness (MBSR).

Learning these techniques typically involves 4-8 sessions ranging from 30-60 minutes and include use of biofeedback technology during sessions with an opportunity to lease or purchase the technology to use at home during your practice. The sessions involve learning essential self-regulatory techniques and how to utilize the technology to improve and accelerate the benefits you gain. These sessions are NOT covered by insurance.

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