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Choosing A Healthier Path Forward

Almost all of the recipes within the sections below are recipes that I created spontaneously or dramatically adapted from an original recipe to suit my preferences. Because of this, they don't contain the prep and cook time that is typically included in a published recipe. I tend to avoid making things that require more than 30 minutes of my own effort (the amount of time for cooking/baking in the oven/stove is not included in that 30 minutes). I found it challenging to define the # of servings per recipe as this depends on whether or not we're having it as a standalone meal or as a die. Know that I am not in any way even an amateur cook, but I do enjoy the process of developing recipes that are better for my and my family's health.

The reason I've posted my own recipes rather than ones from online or cookbooks (exceptions are indicated at the start of those recipe) is because I typically adapt any recipe I make to increase vegetables content, omit an ingredient (i.e. sodium, expensive ingredients, animal foods), or simply to avoid having random extra pieces of chopped pepper or onion. Suddenly the original idea has morphed significantly and here we are!

Often, choosing a healthier path forward when it comes to nutrition means taking some risks, getting creative, and trying new foods and spices. I hope you are inspired by the prospect of using these recipes as jump-off points to create your own new favorites.

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