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"My job is to understand why you've developed health issues and how to help the body self-correct so that you can experience true wellness..."

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For years, GI specialists didn’t believe the pain I was in, dismissing my symptoms by saying “it’s just IBS!” or that it was all in my head... When it comes to tackling difficult patient cases, Dr. Otto is tenacious, empathetic, and doesn’t give up on you. Dr. Otto is incredibly knowledgeable and prepared for each visit. When my body doesn’t respond to a treatment as expected, Dr. Otto is always prepared with an effective Plan B (and C, if needed!). She is compassionate, treats you with the utmost respect, and always acknowledges patient preferences in your care. I truly can’t say enough good things about my experience with Dr. Otto.



After getting sick of being sick I realized that I must try something different because my primary doctor... was not working. The moment I sat down with Dr. Otto I realized that this was different than other doctors... Once the original issue was resolved and I was feeling much better, the next plan was set up. Now we focus on prevention and staying healthy by doing our best now to ward off common late life issues and diseases.



I ...have never worked with a more comprehensively investigative, informational, educational, patient focused Dr all while getting healthier and learning a lot more about taking care of my body!!! ... Dr Otto has guided me on a powerful journey with wonderful results to better health through Nutritional Supplements, healthier habits and choices as well as a different approach of Constant Extremely Responsible Eating!! I would and do most definitely recommend Dr Otto to everyone that wants to get healthier...

Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming A Patient

1. What is the benefit of seeing a functional medicine doctor?

   Chances are, you've found this site because you're not completely satisfied with your healthcare so far. You've probably sensed that something important is missing from the equation. You are much more complex than a bunch of organs put together. All your systems work together in an incredibly ornate and dynamic way and you are genetically and biochemically unique from those around you. A functional medicine doctor, especially a naturopathic functional medicine doctor, recognizes this and puts the pieces of the puzzle together very differently to understand the cause or the why to your health issues. In addition to analyzing health and disease differently, they will opt for safe, gentle, natural treatments whenever possible and will only use pharmaceutical intervention when absolutely necessary. This means you get holistic, individualized care with little to no risk of side effects.

2. This kind of care sounds expensive. How much does it cost?

   While the exact amount will depend on whether or not your insurance company covers care (in which case it would cost the same as conventional services), even if you are paying out-of-pocket for services, the long-term savings make it tremendously worthwhile. Taking the functional medicine approach means you are literally changing your health trajectory which saves you the cost of expensive surgeries and medications down the road, not to mention the added quality of life when we aim for lasting fixes rather than "quick fixes". It is important to note, however, that the treatment support (often in the form of supplements) are rarely covered by insurance except by HSA accounts.

*Our patients in New Hampshire often find that our services are covered by their health insurance.

3. Does it really work?

   Yes. We combine the best of traditional medicines that have been verified in evidence-based research. We take the best of the best to give you efficacious and consistent solutions. In addition, our programs are rarely one-pronged. We address your concerns in a multi-dimensional way, to reach results via different mechanisms at the same time. This compounds our effectiveness exponentially and is verified clinically time and time again, albeit sometimes difficult to re-create in clinical trial where you are limited to using only one treatment at a time.

   Our plan is a little different for each individual we're working with because everyone's case is unique. We may use any combination of therapies during our time together to find a solution that's best for you.

Commonly used therapies:

In our practice, we utilize clinical nutrition and nutrient therapy, botanical/plant medicine, classical homœopathy, physical manipulation and deep tissue techniques, physiotherapy, mind-body techniques and holistic counseling, environmental medicine. The types of therapies used in other functional or naturopathic practices may vary somewhat.

4. Can I use naturopathic medicines if I'm already using prescription medicine?

    Yes, absolutely. We are well-versed in pharmacology as well the complete profiles of the natural substances we use. We are also well-versed in drug-nutrient or drug-herb interactions, so we can safely prescribe naturopathic medicine that will not put you at risk nor interfere with your current conventional regimen.

5. Why should I see a functional medicine doctor if I already have a conventional family doctor?

    The majority or pharmaceuticals used in chronic disease are meant to palliate symptoms, or mask them with a band-aid to help you function normally, but they don't ultimately fix the underlying cause of the problem. A functional medicine doctor's goal is to dig deeper and explore why your body starting expressing those malfunctions/symptoms in the first place. This is a very important doctor to have on your healthcare team restoring you to optimal health, not simply treading water.

6. Will you work with my other doctors?

    Absolutely! Whenever possible, we will work with your other doctors. Every type of medicine plays an important role in your care, and our goal is for you to be maximally healthy. We value the team approach to your health and strive to make it as easy as possible for you to attain your goals.

7. What conditions do you treat?

    Most commonly treated conditions in our practice include:  Digestive disorders like IBS, acid reflux, Crohn's, Ulcerative colitis; obesity and weight loss, diabetes, pre-diabetes, heart disease; PCOS, heavy or irregular periods; persistent fatigue and autoimmune disorders such as thyroid dysfunction/Hashimoto's, adrenal fatigue, interstitial cystitis, fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, chronic infections, chronic pain, insomnia and mood/anxiety disorders

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